Batik nowadays surely has become something huge in Indonesian fashion industry. So many local brands and labels seemed to incorporating the traditional patterns in various styles, giving it a twist to elevate the design to be more trendy, contemporary, which also attracted the youth more. So, here we rounded up five local Batik labels for the millennials! 

  • POPULO Batik

POPULO Batik launched its first piece on 2013, and it went huge ever since. The brand is focusing on the new approach to design Batik, from referring the pattern, color use and also the silhouette, which creates an alluring different piece, compared to the traditional ones. 

  • Sejauh Mata Memandang 

Sejauh Mata Memandang came up with the concept that takes into account the environmental and social impacts, which is long lasting and timeless. Each pattern is handmade in Sumba, Bali and Java, creating a story by unique human beings with love and passion with its playfull, light and wearable felt tip fabrics. 

  • Bateeq 

Bateeq was first launched back in 2013. Offering a fresh, fashion-forward take on Batik, the brand presents an array of clothing line for men, women and children, and is now extending to home décor. Bateeq also known for its innovative motifs, with a modern edge to a centuries-old craft to effortless collections of ready-to-wear lines for its consumers. 

  • Purana Indonesia 

Purana means ‘old scripture’ in Sanskrit, was first established in 2008. With the commitment to adopt local wisdom, the brand is utilizing artwork made by local artisans and combining them with modern yet fashionable cuts, pattern and color mix. 

  • IKAT Indonesia

IKAT Indonesia continuously using the art of weaving legacy in fashion industries to reinventing the ideas of how the young generation preserving the magical culture through the curated artisan design. Under the hands of the expert, Didiet Maulana, IKAT Indonesia aims to bring Indonesia’s heritage to a wider audience, boasting designs that came up from a combination between simplicity and minimalism.