Get your eyes ready to be widely open. This design will really spoil your eyes in a minute. But before we dive into the list, shout out to the Indonesian architects who have made all these designs!

The Arc

The Arc is inspired from the human rib cage where a series of ribs working in compression are held in place by a tensioned flexible layer of muscle and skin.

Microlibrary Warak Kayu

An iconic architectural landscape of Semarang. Designed by SHAU, this is a project by a community, private sector and government collaboration.

Bioclimatic Mosque

Unlike most religious places, Bioclimatic Mosque aims to address the fundamental issues of designing a mosque by distancing itself from the current architecture.


The EN House was designed by DForm and Mande Austriono. It looks neat and all white with the minimalist design. The house is located in Indonesia and it is known for its minimalism.

With each concept, design and building, architects tell a story. Whether the building is a new home, an apartment building, or just the fit up of a commercial space. So which one really opens your eyes?