When you’re thinking about donut, what else could ever cross your mind other than the fluffy texture of the dough, the sweetness of the glaze, and the variety of its topping. Here we recommend you to try one of the best artisan donut, which recently just re-opened its chain in Jakarta with a brand new concept, under the name of Kitchen by Dough Darlings.

Dough Darlings itself, was first found by Ivan Mario. Together with his friend, Karin Binanto, Agnes Dyke and Sidney Mohede, Ivan started to open a donut-chain, the Dough Darlings since June 2015.

This Instaworthy cafe has many comfortable corner to hang on. In addition to its prominent place, the cafe offers you a wide variety of food, well, mainly Western, but due to the high exposures, we are focusing on their donut which to be said is the most reliable among everything! 

Dough Darling has a quite unique variety of donuts. From the Salted Caramel Almond that will spoiled you with its perfect combination of sweet and a hint of saltiness, wrapped with the crunchy textures of Almond nuts, to the delightful Thaitea Brulle Bomb. Dough Darlings’ donuts are huge. Like, the size is really big with the irregular shape, which to us, is a good sign of a good old handmade donuts! The texture is so soft, like, the dough is perfectly raised. It is not to bready, neither too greasy, and it is so light that every bite just melts in your mouth. 

Other than their famous sweet-donuts, customers could also enjoy some of Kitchen by Dough Darlings’ savory menus! Probably a plate of their Salmon & Cheese Donut, or the Burger Chicken Donut to be your afternoon companion! 

Kitchen by Dough Darlings 

Jl. Ciniru I No.1, Jakarta Selatan, 45565