Samsung released its new foldable smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. Its revolutionary design and user experience becomes a milestone in Samsung’s foldable phone journey. It’s still debatable if the Z Fold 2 is a phone or a tablet: it opens up into a tablet and closes into a high-tech smartphone. Nevertheless, we think it’s an extravagant innovation.

Its key features include a 7.6-inch wide state-of-the-art Samsung Ultra-Thin Glass screen, 5G capabilities, 2 multitasking screens for productivity upgrade, 5 high-quality cameras, and, of course, the technology of it being able to fold. The Z Fold 2 comes in 2 different colors: Mystic Black and Mystic Bronze.

The only thing that would make you think twice is the price: $2000. But, honestly, we think it’s one of the best innovations that technology can offer. The Samsung Z Fold 2 is some next-level tech invention, so it’s worth the price. You are now able to order your own Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 online and experience a futuristic gadget that we thought was only available in movies.