“Fashion trends are always rotating.”

Since 2018, the 90s culture is starting to grow around the youths. It happened from the overall/bib, bandana, bucket hats, to Oakley’s sunglasses and G-SHOCK watches.

If we talk about G-SHOCK, we should discuss this model DW-5000C. Since its birth in 1983, G-SHOCK has always evolved and innovated. There are 32 series of G-SHOCK who evolve under the X series. Two mainstay products are GA-100CF-1A9DR and GA-110HR-1ADR, and both of them are the X killer.

Using the bold and huge diameter with 55×51,2×16.9mm, it also has the same weight, 70gr. Arriving with Resin, the watches are magnetic-resistant which produces the best result. Other than that, the watches contain water-proof.


The GA-100CF-10ADR is fully wrapped up with resin material and combines it with military-looks which give a sharp style. The clockwork and G-SHOCK are fully covered with gold-palette. This product is so special with offering sharp and lux essences.


Continuing the success of GA-100, the GA-110HR-1ADR is a digital-analog watch complete with metal elements that give the industrial nuances. The mixes of black and red offer the bold’s looks. The color palettes on this watch are G-SHOCK’s statements about its identity and attitude.

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