Fashion Director Ajeng Dewi Swastiari has steppin’ forward, with the launch of her very first fashion line, Svastiari Studio. Collaborating with seven local artists such as Darbotz, Ykha Amelz, and Angki Purbandono, Svastiari presents a fresh yet unique pattern, which she named ‘Sovran’.

Having an experience in the fashion industry for more than 13 years as a Fashion Stylist and Fashion Director, Ajeng Svastiari claimed that the passion has finally led her as a Fashion Activist, which was also accompanied by her maximum efforts to help to succeed the Indonesian fashion industry. That being said, the mother of two is inspired to push the boundaries using Svastiari Studio as her main medium.

The first collection of Svastiari Studio features an array of a leisure-wear clothing line that suits any kind of occasion. From any casual activities to the semi-formal ones. The ‘Sovran’ print which inspired by a fine geometrical pattern is applied with perfection, taking the monochromatic color-palette in black and white colorways to represent the ‘everyday-style’ of Ajeng Svastiari. The collection includes a shirt, blazer, trousers and some accessories such as scarves and etc.

Through Svastiari Studio, Ajeng hopes to educate the public about the instant fashion, that every fashion pieces should be timeless. This is what actually inspired her to create an array of sustainable pieces, using eco-friendly fabrics, like hemp and poplin cotton which are suitable for more tropical areas. The brand also applied a wasteless system by maximizing the use of the materials or by recycling the remaining materials. Contributing to her very first project, Ajeng Svastiari is also teaming up with some of the famed-local brand, such as; Voyej, Mote-Mote x Gema Semesta, Hammer Stout Denim, dan Poshbrain x Agugn.

For her first project of Svastiari Studio, Ajeng committed to present such a unique and different technique to showcase her pieces, by incorporating both arts and technology, which she hopes to inspire other by reinventing a new way of fashion presentation techniques!  For those of you who are interested, the entire collection of Svastiari Studio will soon be available in early November 2019.