The current coronavirus global outbreak forced us to be isolated, and it’s not easy to face the fact that you have to stuck at home for months in order to flattening the curve. Everyone is boring, from the youth and millennials to the older generations. Even some new routines like one so called work from home and virtual meetings are not enough to help you kill the boredom.

Of course, those kind of things could lead you to over-stressed, especially for those people who lived alone, or the ones who had anxiety. Here now, we have gathered some expert advises that might help you to keep your sanity during this hard time – at least reducing your stress level and put your mind in a right place during this hard time.

Be Relax
A simple meditation could help you so much more on calming yourself! Go ahead and look for guided meditation practices online, and try to keep your mind and brain relax.

Get Outside For Once
Physical distancing doesn’t mean that you can’t go for some outdoor activities, as long as you keep your distance, wearing a mask, and clean yourself afterward. A simple activity like a 10-minutes afternoon walk might help you to refresh your mind. Exercise is really important right now, both for your health and your mind. For those of you who owned pets, you can also take them for a nice walk while you’re getting some fresh air.

Go For a Digital Distraction
Netflix, YouTube, Instagram, or any kind of digital platform that you’d like to choose to entertain yourself during this time. Distract yourself from being overstressed of overworked if you’re home, quarantining but still working. You can also find some online games options like Scrabble or a virtual Monopoly. Invite your friends to a game night session through the video calls, and have fun!

Be Easy, Don’t Force Anything
At the time like this, everything is not perfect, and one imperfection will not hurt. If you’re now working from home because of the quarantine, don’t be so hard on yourself, or your colleagues. Remember that you are all in this situation because you have to, and it all will end without you knowing. Do not expect a smooth and perfect workflow because it is nearly impossible. Do what you have to do, keep your best effort, and let the universe do its part. Also, if you haven’t yet realized, this hard time is actually a perfect time to show support to each other, so you might want to try to do that to your colleagues.

Keep in Touch
You have someone, you have people out there that currently occurred the same situation as you are. It is now time to show them more love by checking each other with a simple call or text. Don’t ever think that you’re alone in this. Because you’re clearly not.

Perfect Music Playlist
Some experts claimed that music is really vital to sanity. In some cases, it even helps to cope with anxiety and lift up your mood. You can try to create some playlists on a music streaming playlist of your choice, be creative, and chill. Or you can simply browse some existence playlist that you can enjoy!