On August 6, 2019, POPULO just introduced its latest collection, collaborating with one of the fame Indonesian photographer, Davy Linggar in a private preview event, held in Papilion, Kemang, South Jakarta.

Going by the name of ‘NOW’, the collection is blurring the split by experimenting with monochromatic handmade Batik, in the shades of black on black and white on white in genderless looks. ‘NOW’ allows the coexistence of opposing elements which interacts to inspire each other, instead of choosing a side it presents options, alternatives, innovation.

The collection shared similar values and aesthetics, which mainly uses organic lyocell and lyocell- cotton blended fabrics. The black on black collection developed by Davy is dyed with a PH neutral water management system while the white on white collection by POPULO is achieved without a dying process. For the printing process a water based instead of PVC and raisin based ink has been used.

Furthermore, the ‘NOW’ collection from POPULO x Davy Linggar is also going to be launched online, exclusively at Zilingo in the upcoming September, following the release of the collection in October 2019.