With Eid al-Fitr is around the corner, and lots of families will be gathered to celebrating the end of the Ramadan period, you might want to give a simple makeover to your home for a new and fresh ambiance for the special occasion. So, here we are rounding up some of the ideas that you could try to bring the festivities to your house.

New Fragrance: Sweet & Spices
Rather than using a bouquet of fresh flowers, we recommend you pick something like a fragrance diffuser or a scented candle. It will give you a more subtle scent, and even more relaxing to smell! The sweet aroma of vanilla, or something spicier like the hemlock or chai, could be your perfect choice to bring the Eid ambiance to your home.

Middle Eastern Vibes
The Middle Eastern style is often telling a perception about wealth and luxury, but some others also emphasize simplicity and comfort. If you’re thinking about giving a Middle Eastern touch to your home, you might want to choose the warmer colors such as red, gold, and brown for a more luxurious vibe. In addition, you can also include Islamic art elements or Arabian calligraphy as your wall decoration.

Did you know that during the Islamic civilization, lanterns were used to light the streets, and usually during the religious festivals? If you feel like putting lanterns inside your house is too much, you can easily make them as your outdoor decorations. Putting them scattered all over your garden, or simply just put the smaller ones in your outdoor coffee-table.

Special Rugs & Floor Cushion
A whole-day family and friends visit during Eid can be kind of tiring, right? So, a fun tip, make one comfy corner to relax! A cozy pallet draped in soft carpets and pillows can be a great addition to any parties and gatherings. You can create a ring of cushions around a low table topped with a traditional hookah pipe for a relaxing, and intimate experience during your Eid celebration with your family.