On December 2014, the United Nation General Assembly declared the World Yoga Day which happened to be celebrated on June 21, globally. Yoga is basically a physical, mental & spiritual practice which aids in shifting gears of the body & the mind into a positive direction. Unlike gymming or any other professional sports, Yoga doesn’t require a membership fee, nor a specific facilities. All you really need, is just clear head & focused mind. Oh, and of course, your Yoga mat!

So, here are our top 5 reasons why you should start doing Yoga!

  1. Yoga could easily enhance the mood of a person, because it can be changing the breathing patterns, in rhythm with the postures, which can lift up the mood!
  2. Doing Yoga could make you live longer, because it aids in expanding the lungs & benefits the heart.
  3. Dog Yoga is also a thing. Well, yes. It was first started by Suzi Teitleman in New York in the year of 2002. And turns out, doing Doga could secure a bond of friendship between you and your pets!
  4. Yoga could literally alters your mind! Doing a consistent Yoga practice could increases your flexibility which allowing your body to open the door for a much more flexible, open mind. Of course those things will help to make you even more confident, relaxed & resilient!
  5. Yoga places a similar emphasis on mindfulness, and some studies show that it could be used to encourage healthy eating behaviors.

So, shall we practice Yoga now? 🙂