I’m with is the original series of short-conversation alongside with the exquisite person. In this interview, we had Sarah Ariantie who has journalistic knowledge by delivering the daily news at CNN Indonesia. Other than that, she is a lifestyle, sport, and beauty aficionado.

Sarah Ariantie is a full-time Journalist and the youngest News Anchor for CNN Indonesia. She is a happy-go-lucky person who was also known as a sports and outdoor activity enthusiast.

What’s your daily routine during the pandemic?
WORK WORK WORK! Since the first time a pandemic hits Indonesia, journalists are still reporting and on-air from the field cause if we ever stopped then who’s gonna bring the legit news to you? But they cut the working hour, so NO MORE NIGHT SHIFT.

The plan that was canceled because of the virus?
Already made a business plan with a friend of mine, should have launched it in June but it got postponed. Also my airplane ticket (this one hits me very bad).

What’s your favorite healthy activity after this global outbreak?
Before global outbreak I’ve always workout in the studio and now I realize workout from home is more efficient but still miss working out together with friends.

Do you have any new hobbies?
Absolutely yes! Got myself a diving license, Been practicing ukulele since PSBB, sharpening my ability on cooking some good food, and suddenly addicted to video games especially Nintendo. This global outbreak turned the extrovert Sarah into the Introvert one.

If you could vacay this week, where would you go?