I’m with is the original series of short-conversations alongside with the exquisite person. In this first interview, we had Philip who well-known as an illustrator, artist, and creatives, and he tells his activities during this global outbreak.

Phillip Ponk is an illustrator, graphic designer, artist, and one of the creatives people in Jakarta. He was known by his signature character called Ponka. Beside his regular at work, he contributes a lot of ‘art’ in culture scenes. At the moment, Philip has been appointed by Converse Indonesia to be one of their One Star Icons and he was the part of the Creative Team behind the Asian Games 2018.

B: Blvckeditions

P: Philip Ponk

B: What did you do during the ‘PSBB’?

P: Watching K-Drama on Netflix, doing the regular work, looking for a reference to stay productive, and adapt to the situation.

B: Did you have any concerns about the pandemic?

P: Do not have any, we should be grateful for all these conditions because life is about ups and downs.

B: The plan that canceled because of the virus?

Showcasing the art with the office’s pals which delayed by the pandemic.

B: What’s your favorite brand?

P: Converse!

B: What inspired you to sharpen your creativity?

P: Mostly inspired by friend’s artwork because of that is my powerful stimulate, making conversation with human, and listening to my ‘fresh-and-cold’ playlist to keep consciousness