Complex Con is the largest and most advanced pop culture performance in the world. Like Coachella in the music world, or South X SouthWest in the creative world, ComplexCon has become the highest barometer in the world of sneakers, Street Art and Street Fashion. We went for the first time this year and it was lit!

However, there were definitely things we needed to prepare for (other than our credit cards!). Here are some tips we can give for those who are going to Complex Con next year:

  1. Book your tickets in advance. The large number of people who come to Complex Con makes ticketing that is opened directly at the venue difficult to access, even to a long queue, especially on the first day. Setting up tickets online is a step in the right direction so that friends can enter the event directly
  • Early Access tickets are more just as good (if not better) than VIP Tickets. Unless you specifically want the merchandise¬† and perks that VIP ticket holders get, Early Access tickets have the same benefits as VIPs, and you can still buy the merchandise included at the event itself.
  • Download the App. By downloading the app, you can see the entire plan of the event location, also plan what sections you want to visit first. This way you can strategically wander and not miss anything!¬†
  • Come Early on the first day. Most of the merchandise in all booths are still available in full, the earlier you come the opportunity to have merch that only released in the Complex Con the greater
  • Immediately pick up your merch when buying. The system was quite confusing for new visitors like us due to their section separation between buying official merchandise and picking it up. Believe us when we advise you to take it as soon as it is finished buying because the pick up queue beats the queue to buy it, more often than once there were misplaced items of what we bought and what is later given to us
  • No need to carry cash. All transactions in Complex Con can be done using debit cards and credit cards
  • Stay overnight in Los Angeles. Staying at Longbeach will be very boring when the event ends at 7 pm. The trip to Longbeach can be reached in just 40 – 45 minutes and Los Angeles has more places to visit and the view on the way is definitely worth the trip!
  • Don’t forget to charge. Make sure your cell phone camera is ready and your cell phone battery is fully charged, designers and sneakers freely passes by there and often without any escort.

That’s about all the basic tips that we can give to those who want to visit Complex Con. Have fun and get ready to spend your money on the next biggest annual street culture event!