The lens not only captures the picture, but records story and journey behind each of it.

On February 1, 2019, ‘The Oculus Journal’ was brought to the world, becoming one of a series of online photography journal such as @eventyr or @caliallstaring. With a huge passion in photography and carrying the biggest dreams in life, Dion Wiyoko focused on a mission of showcasing tons of images with countless

stories behind every single of it through @theoculusjournal, which is expected to be the eyes, even a window

to see the world through the perspective of a photographer.

Officially launched amidst the preparations of Chinese New Year celebration, Dion came up with the concept of ‘The Oculus Journal: IMLEK 2570’ as the main theme for his very-first work. Various images he has shown on his first work tells about the life, the culture to some historical sites of Tionghoa ethnic that surround the city. With a strong commitment to be able to produce more creations, Dion also teamed up with @blvckeditions, further development of @theoculusproject into a bigger scale.

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