Wearing a protective face mask remains mandatory in any public space, whether it is an indoor space or outdoor, especially in public transportations.

There are a few things to consider beyond a pretty pattern. Other than its protective quality, the most important factor in choosing a face mask is how it fits. Face masks should cover both the mouth and nose and should fit comfortably around the sides of the face. The fitting of a mask is particularly crucial for those who wear glasses, as masks can cause glasses to fog up and slip.

According to Vogue, the best face masks for civilians to wear are made of cloth. Constantly buying surgical masks and N95s can lead to the lack of supply for people who really need them, a.k.a. healthcare professionals and essential workers. There are really a wide range of options when it comes to face masks. We see a lot of brands and famous celebs flaunting fabric masks for a while now. Billie Eilish wore a Gucci face covering (that’s probably not CDC approved) to the Grammys before the coronavirus was a pandemic in the United States. Fendi, Palm Angels, and Marine Serre have all made masks. Christian Siriano turned his business into a mask-making machine for hospitals. 

For a lot of people, a face mask is an unusual accessory to be incorporated into their daily attire. And, expectedly, people will be reminded of this pandemic when they wear face masks in the future. Since, at the moment, they are not a must-have accessory, but a literal must-have to help avoid dying. “Self-expression lends itself to any blank canvas,” Berlin journalist Graeme Campbell posts Monday on Highsnobiety. “It goes without saying that some masks are cooler than others.”

We’re still in the middle of a pandemic, which means demand is naturally at its peak. But in the post-Covid-19 world, the lingering memory of the pandemic means people will surely continue to be extra fastidious when it comes to protecting themselves from germs. That means adopting face masks as part of daily attire. When demand starts dropping down and other cool brands start tapping in to the market, even if the whole world wants to put it behind them at least the fashion crowd would be interested. 

So, do you agree that a face mask could be the new fashion trend post-covid?