Finding a pleasant place to hang out, doesn’t always have to be in a prime area of ​​the city. Egg Hotel, is probably one of the hidden gems that you can find inside a small yet packed residential area in Kuningan, South Jakarta. Located at the rooftop of the Suites @ Seven, Egg Hotel serves a fusion, bold and delightful tastes for your brunch, with an Australian-Asian fusion cuisine.  No, it’s actually not a hotel. It’s a restaurant!

The dining place décor is adding the plus point in our opinion. The brick and wooden elements are giving Egg Hotel a really cozy and comforting vibes. Like, once you get in and enjoy your meals with its nice playlist tuned in, then you probably will not move your hips for at least two to three hours ahead. It is THAT cozy! 

But, aside from the cozy area, the packed residential area that surrounding the building wasn’t really do much, and definitely not an appealing-views to enjoy. The further views from the outdoor area of the dining is kind of ok, but just not the nearby sides. It’s just not giving you the kind of cityscape that you will probably get from visiting the other rooftops café. But it could be a lot better at night time, we bet.

Egg Hotel Rooftop

Onto the food, we ordered three main-courses and a dessert. The first one is the classic brunch menu, the B.E.P (Bacon, Egg and Pancake). The meals came along with a side Salad and a cup of Chilli-Orange Syrup. There’s nothing really special on this particular dish, even though we love that orange syrup! The combination of sweet and tangy flavor is just the best whenever you ate that with those fatty bacon! 

B.E.P (82k)

The second meal is the Quinoa Fried Rice, a mixed of quinoa and brown rice, served with Gochujang Chicken, Egg Blanket and Orange Jam. As for this one, the real winner is that juicy-chicken tights! The rice is good, but a little bit more spices would make it even better.  

Quinoa Fried Rice (90k)

The third course is actually Egg Hotel’s top choice (which we understand why, and we’re totally agreed on this!). The Yuzu By the Sea, is basically a pan-seared Barramundi, rubbed with Miso seasoning, served with Black Pumpkin Charcoal Gnocchi, Orange Yuzu Cream Sauce, Yuzu Chilli Jam with a touch of Chilli Oil, on top of soft Zucchini Noodles. The fish was cooked perfectly, and it’s a winner, BIG TIME! We really give this one a straight 8.5!

Yuzu By the Sea (148k)

We cut the savory taste with Pasta for Dessert, a bowl of Chocolate Pasta, served with Ube Ice Cream, Cake Bits, Beet Sugar and drizzled with the Raspberry Almond Cream. The overall taste was really good, but the dish will be more stand out if the pasta have more flavor. 

Overall, we think that Egg Hotel could be your best shot if you’re looking for a relaxing place with a twist of comfort food. It has a good potential for sure, and we’re extremely will go for a second visit to diggin’ some more!

Egg Hotel Suites

@Seven Residence, 3rd Floor Jl.H Sidik No. 7, Karet Kuningan, Setiabudi South Jakarta

Instagram: @egghoteljkt

Opening hour: 10.00 – 23.00