Back in 2019, one United Nations (UN) meeting coverage has revealed that we only had 11 years to prevent the irreversible damage from Climate Change. This means that global warming has been addressed as a global emergency, which we all have duties to take care of it. Imagine how our generation is the last that can prevent even worse damage to the earth but still refuse to do the right thing?

Clearly, there are so many harmful acts that we did without realizing how it affects the environment. That one simple thing like littering could be the beginning of one catastrophe in no time, and yes, this behavior should change because if you thought that climate change wasn’t affecting your health, you are dead wrong. For instance, there were 532 death-cases caused by heat-related illnesses in Australia, within a period of nine years, starting from 2000 to 2009. It’s crazy right?

So, in order to prevent more damage, we have listed down some of the simplest acts that you can start doing to save your planet, because YOU are the last generations to save the world!

First, cars and generators are releasing carbon dioxide (CO2) into the air. You can easily minimalize by not too often using the air conditioning in your house, or by taking public transportation when you are going somewhere (or maybe you can just ride a bike, instead of driving). By doing so, you can at least let the earth breathes fresh air, without adding more the CO2.

Secondly, stop cutting the trees, and plant some. If you can’t do the trees, why don’t you start with the small ones? Making your own mini garden with small planters won’t hurt, right? Remember, the trees will help to provide the oxygen that you need to breathe, as well as the clean water for you to drink. 

Next, you can also change your ordinary light bulbs to the long-lasting one. This will reduce the gas emissions so you the energy could be more efficient. Oh, and don’t forget to switch the light off when you feel like you don’t need them!

You can also help the environment by using an eco-friendly bag while you’re shopping. So, remember to bring your own tote or shopping bag, so you don’t have to use any kind of plastic to carry your stuff.

The last one, you could probably participate in any cleanups in your community. By doing this, you can also protect your watershed too! So, don’t be embarrassed to do the volunteering.