What else could you done other than enjoying a cup of your favorite coffee on this special occasion? We asked you to try visit KISAKU, a small yet sleek coffee shopp with a pared-down, contemporary interior, serving a wide variety of coffee, located in Senopati area.


The coffee chain draws a very minimalist concept-decor for its main attraction, dominated with muted and warm colors, embracing the wooden elements and earthy color, offering a way-too-cozy ambience. The word ‘KISAKU’ itself translates to ‘warm’ in Japanese, which we could all relate with the atmosphere they provided to their hub. Not to mention the rows of communal chairs which are available around the sand pool that said to be stimulating ‘warmer’ interaction between customers.  

KISAKU serves you with a mix of Aceh Gayo and Flores Bajawa coffee, which said to be emphasize the sweet, chocolatey taste and aroma. We ordered two of KISAKU’s most favorite Iced-Latte, the Pandan and Kampoeng Latte ones. For those of you who tends to like the sweeter coffee, both of the Lattes are top-knotch! As for you who’d prefer just a plain one, we also recommend you to try their Cappuccino, which have a pretty smooth after-taste! Or, if you’d like your coffee to be dairy-free, you can choose the Iced-Latte with a twist using the Oat milk, instead of a regular milk. A little trick, the nutty flavor from the Oat milk will be even more perfect when you combined it with their Pandan cookies! 

Overall, despite their operational hour that doesn’t really giving much for the youth to chillin’ after working-hours, we can totally see how KISAKU will be the go-to-place around the neighborhood!

Jl. Laksana I No 24, South Jakarta
Instagram: @kisaku.co
Opening Hours: 08.00 – 17.00