With mandatory regulations requiring us to cover our face, we have been given the ultimatum to stay safe or take a risk that would lead us to viral contraction. It is really up to us to keep ourselves safe from the spread of COVID-19. At this moment, everyone is contemplating whether they should put safety or style first. BLVCKEDITIONS has finally launched its line of face masks that covers both of those concerns. Themed “A Symbol of Solidarity,” BLVCKEDITIONS provides fashionable face masks as a way to stand in solidarity with the people of the world in protecting ourselves and respecting others. 

BLVCKEDITIONS FACE MASKS are available in four designs, including designs that are made in collaboration with two respectable local brands: Elhaus and Bluesville. Other than keeping your look fresh with a stylish accessory, the BLVCKEDITIONS FACE MASK is made with protective breathable cotton twill fabric for your comfort as well as working to block the spread of droplets from your mouth area. Made with top-notch construction techniques, the face mask is adjustable to all face types and sizes. 

The BLVCKEDITIONS FACE MASK is now available to purchase on BLVCKEDITIONS’ official website or CLICK THIS LINK!