When you’re a huge fan of slasher films, then you will know that TODAY is the Friday the 13th! So, happy birthday, Jason Voorhees. 

As you might know, ‘Friday the 13th’ is probably one of the biggest yet successful American horror franchise, which comprises 12 slasher films, a TV show, some novels, comic books, video games to a line of merchandises collection. The franchises mainly focused on the fictional character, Jason Voorhees, who most known as the primary antagonist with his ‘expertise’ on stalking and killing teens/adults. 

The surprise box office hit in the ‘80s was started as a revenge film, which then evolved into a franchise about a sadistic-serial killer wearing a hockey goalie mask. For those of you who grew up watching them (or when you probably just a huge fan of slashers films), the movie would still hold a very special place inside your heart.  

So, to celebrate Jason’s birthday on this very ‘Friday the 13th’ day, here are our 13 picks on Jason Voorhees’ best killing scenes, taken from all 12 films. Not particularly in order, and we also included some that we thought are iconic. Check out the full list down below:

1. Jason kills Adrienne (Jason X, 2001)

The real definition of dying fast. Probably the best way to die, eh?

2. Bed-folding Kill (Freddy vs. Jason, 2003)

“Momma said don’t forget to fold your bed after you killed.”

3. A Combo for Jimmy (Part 4, 1984)

“Double kill! No, a MEGA kill!

4. Poor Axel (Part 4, 1984)

At least he was enjoying his last coffee 🙂

5. What a Strike! (Part 2, 1981)

“In your face, Mark.”

6. Knock-knock and Melissa’s died! (Part 7, 1988)

Lesson learned. Do not, ever, open the door when you lived in somewhere serial killer is near

7. Bye, Alice! (Part 2, 1981)

“This is what you get when you killed Jason’s mom.”

8. Just a Poor Random Hitchhiker (Part 4, 1984)

That Banana looks good.

9. Lizabeth’s Bribe (Part 6, 1986)

Come on, he’s a serial killer, Liz. Not a hitman.

10. One snap to Julius’ Head (Part 8, 1989)

“That hit was on point, Jason.

11. Jason Made Tina Flies (Part 4, 1984)

Oops, my car alarm broke

12. Judy’s Killed (Part 7, 1988)

“Is it a sleeping bag, or a body bag?

13. Nurse Robbie Morgan (Part 4, 1984)

“She’s so glad it wasn’t Axel but yet she so scared because it was Jason.”