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Uncovering The Past for The Cruise 2022

The Dior cruise 2022 show is unveiled in the heart of the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens, a treasure of antiquity also known as Kallimármaro. With its grandiose volumes, this symbolic venue offers an exceptional decor that perfectly matches the inspirations of the collection, combining the power of heritage with contemporary inventiveness

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"One flag can’t represent us all. So we’re telling the stories of not one, but the multiple communities on a journey to self-discovery." 🏳️‍🌈

Introducing "Be True", proudly in motion by @nike. Because everyone deserves to find freedom in movement, this collection is creating a future where everyone has a place to play and be themselves

Meet @bretmanrock , @gia.parr and Shiho Shimoyamada

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A stopmotion by @ayladimitri. Get an outfit inspo for Friday by @ikea_id EFTERTRÄDA collection! This collection is about finding a definition of comfortable by the hastag #DefinisiNyaman

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What a creative way to bring light to a space!

Studio d'Armes focuses on creating "enigmatic and modern light structures with a singular poetic approach". The Ra Collection is emblematic to our company. It was an experiment with cold cathode neon, using age-old technology and the finesse of its light to create a high-end product.

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